dimanche 9 avril 2017

Interview with Ballycumber

- Ballycumber, where are you going ?
- I'm on my way to Bordeaux, that lovely city in the south-west of France

- Ballycumber, why do you go there ?
- Because the BookCrossing Anniversary Convention 2018 is in Bordeaux

- Ballycumber, do you have a date ?
- Yes, from 20th to 22nd of april 2018

- Ballycumber, can I go there too ?
- Yes, of course ! Ask Krissa33, she knows everything about this !

- Ballycumber, how can I join Krissa33 ?
- I'll give you her mail : bc2018bdx@gmx.fr, and the website www.bc2018bdx.org And now I must leave, I don't want to be late in Bordeaux

- Thank you Ballycumber, looking forward to meet you in Bordeaux

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