lundi 19 mars 2018

Sending books (and other items...)

You can send now your books - and all the Little Things you want to send - now to this address:

Les Bookcorsaires
chez Ambre Souverain
15 lieu dit Le Bourg
F - 33350 Sainte Radegonde

There is always someone to receive your parcels

Thank you!

mardi 13 février 2018

Great news!

The BC Convention in 2020 could be in Australia!

That's what Romney said:

"Hi All

I would officially like to announce that Gold Coast, Australia would like to put in a bid for the April 2020 convention.

The bid is still in it's infancy, but we've got an excited team here looking forward to welcoming you to the sunshine and our beautiful Queensland beaches if our bid is successful.

We will show you as much about the location as we can in Bordeaux, with a large Aussie contingent attending to share the news. For the time being please direct queries to either myself or skyring."