Thursday 19 April

8:30 Meeting at the venue
9:00 Excursion to the Dune de Pilat, and Saint Emilion, with visit of a vineyard and tasting for Early Arrivals (Separate Registration and Payment)
19:30 Early Arrivals Dinner at Café Maritime, Bassin à flot, 1 quai Armand Lalande

Friday 20 april

15:30 Registration opens
15:30 Raffle and Supply Store opens

17:00 Official Welcome
17:30 Concert with Alain M'Bakoub, musician and Laurence Jay, comedian
19:00 Buffet Meal
20:30 End... (we must close the venue at 20:30)
Meet-up at Paul´s Place?

Saturday 21 april

09:30 Registration opens
09:30 Raffle and Supply Store opens
09:30 Morning Coffee
09:45 Welcome and Notices

10:00 Bookswap Game (with MissMarkey, thank you!)
11:00 Guest Author - Les Editions de la Cerise
12:00 Lunch Break
13:30 Guest Author - Philippe Lescarret

14:30 Guest Author - Simone Gélin

15:30 Guest Author - Faiz Kermani (Faizy)
16:30 Raffle closes
16:45 Presentation Mainz Convention 2019 and Bids for 2020
17:15 Raffle Draw and Presentation of Prizes
19:00 Gather to go to Meal Venues at 19:30

Sunday 22 april

09:30 Morning Coffee
10:00 Welcome and Notices

10:00 Bagging up of Books for the Release Walk
10:30 Gather to take Group Photo
11:00 Release Walk
12:00 Flashmob

14:00 Guided visit of Bordeaux (seperate registration and payment) 

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  1. Hello there!
    When looking at the schedule, I see 2 items that are listed as separate registration and payment. Do you have an idea when registration for the Early Arrivals Tour opens and the Guided Visit of Bordeaux opens en what the costs will be (approximately)?
    Just in case this thread is not watched regularly, I'll copy-paste this text into the Forum tread on BC as well.
    Best regards,