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Philippe Lescarret

Philippe Lescarret was born in 1971 in Pau. After studying physics, he did his national service as an auxiliary policeman, and was then confronted with violent death and the smell of blood.
Teaching then leads him to the Parisian suburbs. But the land of rugby and goshawk is missing. He returns to settle in the Southwest. He currently lives and works in Béarn, not far from the mountains, the ocean and the Landes forest.


Simone Gélin

After a career in education, Simone Gelin is dedicated to writing novels whose privileged setting is the Aquitaine region: Bordeaux, the Arcachon basin, where she lives and draws her inspiration. Under the paving stones, the jungle is his fifth novel. She has already received many awards. New award at the Hossegor Book Fair in 2012, New Award at the Paris Polar Festival in 2016. Augiéras Award at the Book Fair of the Grand Périgueux, Jury Prize at the Salon of Saint-Estèphe.


Faiz Kermani (Faizy)

In his free time, Faiz loves writing funny children's books, especially frog-themed ones (frog-friendly fiction). 
These include My Alien Penfriend, Golbo the Spider's Amazing Vacuum Cleaner Adventure, The Frog Who Loved Mathematics, The Frog in the Skyscraper, The Frog Who Was Blue and The Toad Who Loved Tea. 
His books have won awards in the US and UK and have been translated into French, German, Spanish and Russian. He is involved in various literacy projects with schools and is always happy to hear from anyone on ideas for educational collaborations.

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