How to pay

Early bird prices:
Until 31 december 2017, you can get the early bird price of 40€
After this date, you'll pay the full price of 45€ 

We have a banc account (SEPA)

La Banque postale
IBAN:  FR3020041010012088989J02229

send to "Les Bookcorsaires"

and a PayPal account

Please fill in the Registration form using the form embedded below and don´t forget to write your nickname, it´s very important!


4 commentaires:

  1. From Cassiopaeia, I have just paid 104 Euro by paypal, this morning 27th March, I hope I have calculated the correct amount. Coach and Wine tasting 69, plus Saturday tour 10, plus Fee balance 25 = 104 The name on PayPal will be Jacqueline Brett.

  2. Hi, I just paid 21 euros for the two Friday excursions (over-the-moon).

  3. Hi, I (holle77) paid via PayPal some minutes ago 70 € for the excursion on Thursday with winetasting and for the basements and the Chateau Rohan. I hope the sum is correct. My name is Claudia Hollenhorst and the email

  4. Robyn Oldham has Paid €59 via Paypal Rec 2303-2371-1892-8017